DIY Ball for Blind Dogs

If you follow our blog, you realize of our dog Tino and the truth that he went blind around age 9. His blindness never stopped Tino from doing some of the things he loved, including an unexpected game of fetch. We searched high and low for a baseball that could make a continuous sound and eventually found one designed for blind children. The noise it made was pretty obnoxious, so we used it only occasionally.
One of our readers wrote to us recently asking where we had found this ball. Since it had been so sometime ago, I couldn't really remember, but this dog lover was determined to discover a solution for his newly blind companion, Wrigley. We exchanged several emails and I believed that was the end of it.
So I was pleasantly surprised when I received this letter from him about a week ago, sharing his journey with us. It's dog lovers such as this that produce me love what I do. Kudos to you Jeff for sticking with it and being ingenious in discovering the right toy for Wrigley so that she could continue to enjoy her daily fetch.